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Dr. John Lacey


John Lacey helped raise the international stature of Canada’s oil and gas industry


Over four decades as an international consultant, John Lacey helped establish global recognition of Canada’s broad competence and expertise in the petroleum industry.

Born in the town of Leatherhead, England, John graduated with B.Sc. in Oil Technology at the London University in 1953. He continued his studies in reservoir engineering at the Imperial College and then returned to London University to earn his PhD in geology and engineering in 1956.

Guided by a taste for international work, John came to Canada to join Triad Oil Company, which was taken over by British Petroleum shortly after. As a division manager for Triad/BP, John was involved in the development of the Prudhoe Bay oil and gas field.

He found an early affinity for the complexities of gas contracts and was involved in BP’s first gas project signed in Canada. His expertise was recognized and later sought out by the wider BP group when the company arranged contracts in the North Sea.

In the 1970s, John notes that the Canadian oil and gas industry and its service providers—with a few notable exceptions—had little appetite for global expansion. John R. Lacey International Ltd. ran counter to that trend.

The base of his work was resource and reserve assessments, with an emphasis on gas supply, which he spun out into various countries. Often the overseas work expanded to negotiating contracts with foreign companies, doing engineering assessments of pipeline systems and providing advice on everything from initial exploration through to marketing and finance.

John combined his successful career in Alberta and the international oil patch with a lifelong love of music, a passion he shared with his wife. In 2008 they launched the Naomi and John Lacey Virtuoso Programme with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.


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