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Gordon Jaremko


Widely recognized as the current living dean of Canadian energy journalism, Gordon Michael Jaremko has added immeasurably to the country's oil and gas dialogue, not only through decades of newspaper and magazine reporting but also through several authoured and co-authored books.


From the implementation—and subsequent dismantling—of the National Energy Program and the inauguration of a free market for oil and natural gas in the 1980s through fluctuating commodity prices and development cycles to regulatory upheavals and new marketing and transportation conditions, Gordon has been on the scene across Canada with the leading players in industry and government. His writing has guided the historical record of Canada's energy industry and informed the business decisions of its C-suite.


Gordon started his career covering federal and provincial politics for the Calgary Herald and Southam News and for several years was stationed full-time in the Alberta legislative press gallery as the Herald's chief legislative and political affairs reporter.


In the early 1980s his work turned to the energy industry, which he would cover for the Herald for nearly 20 years before taking over as editor of the pre-eminent trade magazine Oilweek in 1997.


Gordon left Oilweek in 2003 to lead oil and gas coverage for the Edmonton Journal, during which time he focused primarily on the impact the industry had on communities throughout Alberta and western Canada. Then, in 2008, he spearheaded the transformation of Alberta Oil from an advertorial product into a legitimate journalist magazine.


Gordon's work in newspapers and magazines alone has left an indelible mark on Canada's energy industry, but some of his most meaningful contributions can be found in his books.


He co-authoured The Great Oil Age (1993), Fields of Fire: An Illustrated History of Canadian Petroleum (1994) and Legendary Horsemen: Images of the Canadian West (1996). He also contributed the energy chapter to the Edmonton Journal's commemorative Alberta: 100 Years a Home (2005).


Most recently, he spent a year embedded with the Alberta Energy Regulator in order create the book Steward: 75 Years of Alberta Energy Regulation (2013).


Gordon continues to be the model of how journalists should approach coverage of the energy industry, with balance and accuracy that does not shy away from the most difficult of topics, for those are the stories that truly reflect, and indeed shape, the sector's success or failure.


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