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Gregory Stringham


Born: Cardston, Alberta


For more than two decades, the de facto spokesman for the Canadian oil and gas industry was Gregory Stringham He joined the newly-minted Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) in 1995, three after its predecessor, the Canadian Petroleum Association, merged with the Independent Petroleum Association of Canada and after he spent a six-year stint in the Government of Alberta’s energy department.

That time spent with the government, where he worked on a variety of files from conventional oil and gas to the oilsands and from royalties to megaprojects, and an introductory three-year career at Syncrude Canada as a chemical engineer provided Greg—as he’s known in most circles—with an impressive bank of technical knowledge. That knowledge and an easy ability to communicate complex topics in a straightforward style led him to become one of the highest regarded leaders in the industry.

Born in 1960 in Cardston, Alta., Greg graduated from the University of Alberta in 1985 with a degree in chemical engineering. He later earned an MBA from the same institution.
At CAPP, he managed and monitored oilsands policy and industry growth that saw oilsands production grow from just 400,000 bbls/day to nearly 2.4 million bbls/day. But he wasn’t just involved in policy discussions; he took on oil and gas markets, pipeline issues in Canada and the U.S., and oilsands issues in Europe and Asia. That broad assumption of responsibilities earned Greg the title of vice-president of CAPP in 1998.

Greg was an active spokesman for the Canadian oil and gas industry, presenting to the industry and public alike and appearing before regulatory bodies and government committees in Canada and the U.S. while becoming a key source for media covering oil and gas in Canada and around the world. He led industry response through four provincial royalty reviews, participated in a number of important regulatory reviews and helped establish the Oil Sands CEO Council at CAPP, which he served as Secretariat.

Greg also played key roles in creating Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance—an organization dedicated to accelerating the pace of improved environmental performance in the oilsands—and the Oil Sands Community Alliance—an organization that leverages industry expertise to help create thriving communities in the oilsands regions of Alberta.

Through fluctuating market prices, at times onerous regulatory changes, capacity challenges, government changes, Greg has been at the centre in Canadian boardrooms and at international conferences, and he has championed the continuous improvement, of Canada’s oil and gas industry. His ability to connect corporate, political and diplomatic worlds over his 20-year career at CAPP has encouraged open-minded discussions that have helped the oil and gas industry grow in a responsible manner and continue to contribute in a significant way to the well-being of all Canadians, whether within the oil and gas industry or not.


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