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Peter Tertzakian


Born: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


An economist, investment strategist, author and public speaker, Peter Tertzakian has written two books on the transformation of the global energy business through economic, environmental and geopolitical pressures and has advised corporate leaders, policy makers, investors and students on everything from the impact of new production technologies to the economic implications of royalty structures and the impact of government policy on industry behaviour.

Born in Saskatoon, Sask., in 1961, Peter has an undergraduate degree in geophysics from the University of Alberta, a graduate degree in econometrics (the application of statistical methods to economic data) from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and an M.Sc. in management of technology from MIT Sloan School of Management.

He began his career as a geophysicist at Chevron in 1982 and spent time in field operations, data processing and geophysical software development before moving to the financial sector with Raymond James in 1990. At Raymond James, he rose to the position of senior equity analyst and managing director before co-founding Acumen Capital Partners in 1995, where he became a globally recognized, top-ranked analyst with a global institutional client base.

Peter joined ARC Financial in 2002 and is currently a member of ARC’s executive, investment and strategy committees. In this executive role, he has been on the front lines working with investors around the world to raise more than $4 billion for investment into western Canada’s oil and gas industry, and it is during this period that he wrote his two books, A Thousand Barrels a Second in 2006 and The End of Energy Obesity in 2009. Both have also been translated and published in Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.

Passionate about the history and direction of energy in society, Peter delivers speeches and presentations at events around the world, impressively bringing energy issues alive by linking them, metaphorically and intellectually, to historical events and issues. This talent also allows him to bring his presentations out of the boardroom or conference hall and into the living room. He connects easily with a non-industry audience because he’s able to ground his presentations in words and emotions familiar to everyone, from CEOs to students; CFOs to housewives.

At ARC, besides directing economic research, Peter oversees the publication of the ARC Energy Charts, a weekly journal of energy trends, and has published a weekly column on industry issues for the past 13 years, hitting more than 500 columns total. He also represents ARC Financial on the board of STEP Energy Services, a privately held and technology-focused oilfield services company serving the deep horizontal market in western Canada and the Eagle Ford shale in Texas.

Outside the office, Peter is an adjunct professor with the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, where he contributes thought leadership on pressing energy issues, and previously sat on the MIT Energy Initiative’s natural gas advisory committee.


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