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Aubrey Kerr


Aubrey Kerr is a native of Orillia, Ontario. He received his Masters degree in Geology from the University of British Columbia in 1942, and joined Imperial Oil the same year. He was in Leduc, helping with the geology and testing of the well, when Leduc No. 1 came in. Aubrey was promoted to Chief Geologist for the Leduc field under Vern Hunter.


In 1949, Kerr left Imperial Oil to become Chief Geologist for Home Oil and in 1960 he was appointed Senior Geologist for the National Energy Board in Ottawa. Kerr returned to Calgary in 1975 to manage oil and gas rights under Indian Treaty Lands and it was here he began to realize the importance of oil company history.


In early 1980, Kerr founded the Petroleum Industry Oral History Project (PIOHP), through which nearly 300 persons have been taped for posterity under his direction.


During his retirement years Aubrey has published four books. Without his passionate dedication and love of the oil industry most of this history would have been lost forever.


He is a member of APEGGA, CSPG, CSEG, and has served in various official capacities with the CIM, the Petroleum History Society and the National Council.


Career Summary:

  • 1978 Writer / Editor - Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology.
  • 1980 Founded Petroleum Industry Oral History Project (PIOHP).
  • 1990 Distinguished Service Medal - Petroleum Society - CIM.
  • 1991 Distinguished Lecturer Award - CIM.
  • 1995 Lifetime Achievement Award - Book Of The Year Award (Redwater) - Petroleum History Society.


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