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Bill Mooney


William (Bill) Mooney (born 1929) is respected as the "oilpatch ambassador" for playing central roles in assembling major projects and programs as an intermediary between industry and government interests. His role as an envoy at the highest level of corporate and political affairs included brokering the 1975 national deal that kept alive the Syncrude oilsands mega project.


Saskatchewan born, Mooney was educated at Athol Murrays Notre Dame and Colorado College. He began his oil career with Core Laboratories Inc. in 1952 and in 1957 joined Cities Service Oil Co. in Amarillo, Texas as a geologist. In the mid '70s he became Cities Service's first Canadian president. In 1973, Cities-with a 30 per cent stake-was a keystone player in the planning and development of Syncrude Canada Ltd. As costs escalated, another 30 per cent owner dropped out. It fell to Mooney to broker a deal with the governments of Canada, Alberta and Ontario to keep the project alive.


In 1980, having served in London as president of Cities Service Europe-Africa and Middle East, he returned to Calgary as president of Harvard International Resources. In 1989 he joined Pacific Gas Transmission as their Canadian representative. He contributed to the proposal leading to the disposal of Saskoil, worked on the 1985 Western Accord on Energy which brought the National Energy Program to a close and helped realize the $4 billion Canadian Exploration and Development Incentive Program "CEDIP" and a federal provincial agreement on increased crude prices.


Married to Lois and father of five grown children, Mooney is in the Saskatchewan Petroleum Industry Hall of Fame and has been named a distinguished Saskatchewanian, and awarded the Notre Dame Medal of Honor. He has held multiple corporate directorships, and has been influential in more than a dozen businesses, technical and professional organizations, in addition to participating in industry advisory committees to government on environmental and public policy issues.


When an endless list of community or charitable groups needs a tireless worker, it is to Mooney they turn. He co-chaired the Energy Industry Zoo Prehistoric Park Fund Drive and Ladies Aid Children's Hospital Golf Classic among many other events. He's a charter member of the board of regents of Canadian Old Time Hockey Players and of numerous celebrity charity golf tournaments.


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