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Brian Frederick MacNeill


Brian Frederick MacNeill, 62, is chairman of Petro-Canada and the governor of the University of Calgary. For over 30 years in the energy business he has made significant contributions to his companies, our industry and his community. After twelve years with Home Oil, he joined Interprovincial Pipeline as executive vice president and chief operating officer in 1990. The following year he became president and chief executive officer.


During Mr. MacNeill's tenure at I.P.L., now Enbridge, his vision and leadership transformed a Canadian crude carrier into a diversified North American leader in energy delivery. With the launch of Enbridge he brought their 20 corporate entities under a single umbrella.


Mr. MacNeill pioneered the introduction of a new way of managing oil and gas transportation with co-operative agreements between pipeline and shipper known as incentive tolling agreements. These reward pipeline and shipper for improved cost and service efficiencies. In the first five years $117 million in savings resulted from cost reduction and productivity gains.


Mr. MacNeill retired as CEO of Enbridge in January of 2001, but he remains a valued participant in our industry. He presently holds directorships in nine active Canadian companies and is an active member in four corporate societies. His ability and his contribution to business has been recognized by his awards. He has received the Distinguished Business Leader Award from the University of Calgary; the Alberta Business Award from Junior Achievement and the Canadian Business Leader Award from the Alberta School of Business.


Mr. MacNeill is known for the tremendous amount of energy and commitment he invests in community activities and he is an active participant in thirteen community organizations. He is a commissioner on Alberta's Financial Review Commission by an order in council by the provincial treasurer.


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