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Cody Spencer


Cody Spencer was born June 14, 1909, in Nabisco, Oklahoma. Educated in Texas, he worked in the oil and gas fields of the Mid Continent and Rocky Mountain Regions of the United States. In 1929, he came to Canada then returned to the United States as superintendent for Rocky Mountain Drilling.


In 1937, Cody was back in Canada, and he became drilling superintendent of Anglo-Canadian Oil Company in Canada.


In 1941 he and Gene Denton formed Denton and Spencer Petroleum Engineers and Drilling Consultants (later called Denton Spencer Company Ltd.). That same year, he and Denton were part of the group that started General Petroleums Drilling Company (GP). In time, Spencer became the president of GP. In 1951, Spencer was once again part of an entrepreneurial group, the one that founded the Edmonton Pipeline Company to transport crude to Edmonton refineries. Spencer's leadership manifested itself here too, for he soon became the director of the Edmonton Pipeline Company.


Spencer was an innovator. In 1947 and 1948, under his direction GP installed mobile FM radio contact with all rigs, hired a safety supervisor, and required all employees to take a St. John's Ambulance First Aid program. Spencer was also one of the first to employ a full time mud specialist.


He was a charter member of the Calgary Petroleum Club and a board member of the Canadian Petroleum Association.


Spencer spent much time promoting and working with various charitable and community organizations.


He died in an accident in 1962.


Career Summary:

  • 1929 Came to Canada as a roughneck for Noble-Olsen Drilling Co.
  • 1937 Became drilling superintendent for Anglo-Canadian Oil Company in Turner Valley.
  • 1941 Formed Denton Spencer Co.
  • 1941 Organized General Petroleums Ltd.
  • 1947 Began oilfield innovations in safety and communications.
  • 1951 Director Edmonton Pipeline Co. Ltd.


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