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Donald Binney


Don Binney was born in Moncton, New Brunswick on March 31, 1921. This date made him just old enough to be lured west by the call of Black Gold-that is, by the Turner Valley boom of the late 1930s. Before that could happen he moved with his family to Boston and then to Toronto where he attended Western Tech High School.


It took until 1939, but Don did come west, to Longview, Alberta, where he worked as a labourer on a bull gang for Anglo Canadian. By 1941, he began working as a derrick man on power rigs at various Alberta drilling sites.


In 1942, Don joined the Navy and was discharged in Calgary in August of 1945 with the rank of Petty Officer. He then went to work for Drilling Contractors, and by 1948 he was a toolpusher and a shareholder of McIvor Drilling, a company formed by the owner of Drilling Contractors.


In 1950, he was assistant field superintendent for McIvor, and in 1952 he moved to Calgary as manager of operations. The company name was changed to Hi-Tower, and five years later is was sold to the Seaman brothers. Don continued as manager of operations, and, in 1965, he was made vice-president of operations and engineering and a director of Bow Valley Industries, the parent company. He was manager of the Hi-Tower Commonwealth Arctic Joint Venture.


In 1978, after some 38 years in the patch, Don resigned from his position as a senior vice-president of Bow Valley Resources. Later in that year he was ordained as a minister of the Anglican Church. He continued his work with the church where his lengthy business experience was much appreciated, and by 1983 Don was elevated to Reverend Canon by the Bishop of the Anglican Church.


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