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Frederick William Pheasey


Frederick William Pheasey, 60, stands out as an entrepreneurial engineer who built - from scratch, starting in a tin shack in Edmonton - one of the world's three largest suppliers of drilling and well-servicing equipment, Dreco Energy Services, a world recognized leader in state-of-the-art drilling and well servicing technology. He was retained as an executive vice-president and director of the United States-based, international giant that bought Dreco in 1997, National-Oilwell Inc. Canadian-made machinery from the 800-employee, 300,000-square-foot manufacturing complex that Mr. Pheasey assembled in the Alberta capital continues to serve the industry in challenging areas including the North Sea, the North Slope of Alaska, China and Siberia.


Under Mr. Pheasey's leadership, the Edmonton operation has achieved numerous renowned firsts in its field such as self-propelled, fully-enclosed drilling rigs for the North Slope of Alaska, drilling modules with compensating drawworks for offshore drilling vessels, automated pipe handling for North Sea rigs, desert rigs for the Middle East and North Africa, and special equipment used in China and Russia. Dreco has received various federal and provincial export achievement awards. In 1998 Mr. Pheasey was awarded an honorary life membership in the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors.


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