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Gerald DeSorcy


Gerry DeSorcy received his B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Alberta in 1955. Upon graduation he joined the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) in its field operations. He progressed through the ERCB organization and became chairman of the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board in 1987, a position held until 1993. In 1991, at the request of the Alberta government, he became the chairman of Alberta Natural Resources Conservation Board. In this role he established an organization designed to publicly review proposed major non-energy projects.


Upon retirement from the ERCB in April 1993, Gerry launched DeSorcy Consulting Services Ltd., providing advice and services to clients on energy, environmental, technical as well as on policy matters and regulations.


In this role, he has served as chairman of an Advisory Committee to the Federal Minister of Energy regarding review of all federal energy regulations. He has provided his expertise to a wide variety of clients, which include the Alberta government, a regulatory system in the Khanty-Mansiysk region of Russia, and CIDA Energy Projects in Pakistan. He has lectured at the University of Calgary.


He served as chairman of a committee reviewing the Alberta Sour Gas Regulatory System. He also continues to provide general, legal, policy and technical energy and environmental related consulting assignments, including service mediations for governments and private companies in Canada and abroad.


He currently is director of Questor Technology Inc., and serves as chair of the Board and director of the Sulphur Institute of Canada. He has served as director of the Petroleum Industry Training Service and the Alberta Sulphur Institute of Petroleum Industry Development.


Gerry has been very active in other outside activities as well. He has served on 16 different committees for the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA) from 1960 to present. He served on council from 1983 to 1986. He chaired the Iron Ring Camp #18. He was awarded the L.C. Charlesworth Award in 1989.


He has been active with the Canadian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (CIM) where he has served on the Editorial Review Committee, been a distinguished lecturer, was chair of the Board of Governors, chaired the Reserve Definitive Committee, received the Distinguished Service Medal (1993), Robert Elver Mineral Economics Award (1994) and the Lifetime Achievement Award (2002). He also received the Distinguished Service Medal - Petroleum Society of CIM.


In addition, he was a member of the Executive Board of the World Petroleum Congress from 1987 to 1991 and participated in a study group of Reserve Definitions.


Additional recognition received includes the Lieutenant Governors Award for Achievement - Public Service (1992) and the U of A Alumni Honour Award (2002). In 1995 he received an Alberta Emerald Award.


Gerry also served on the Board, since inception in 1994, of the Calgary Achievement Centre for Youths, where he was recognized by being awarded an Award of Merit - Woods Christian Homes of MMCA - Volunteer Dedication Award.


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