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Gerry Maier


Gerry Maier was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, September 22, 1928, and raised in Kronau, Saskatchewan, during the Depression. He attended Father Athol Murray's Notre Dame College and went on to the University of Manitoba and the University of Alberta, graduating in 1951 with his bachelor of science in Petroleum Engineering.


Gerry began his career with Sun Oil Company in 1951 and in 1953 joined Hudson Bay Oil and Gas Company (HBOG). After international executive postings with HBOG and CONOCO, he was appointed chairman and CEO of HBOG in Calgary. Following the Dome purchase of HBOG, he became president and CEO of Bow Valley Industries in 1982.


In 1985 Gerry became president of TransCanada PipeLines Limited. In recognition of his contributions and capabilities he was its chairman, president, and CEO in 1992. He retired in 1999, becoming chairman emeritus and director.


His nineteen awards and medals and an honorary doctorate from the University of Alberta indicate his contributions to our industry-related organizations, community, and charities.

Gerry Maier has generously contributed to his industry, his community, and his country.


Career Summary:

  • 1951 Earned B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering.
  • 1953 Joined HBOG.
  • 1980 Became chairman and CEO of HBOG.
  • 1982 President and CEO Bow Valley Industries.
  • 1985 President TransCanada Pipelines.
  • 1997 Honoured by Calgary City Hall creating the Gerald Maier Room.


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