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Jack Gallagher


Born on July 16, 1916 in Winnipeg, Jack Gallagher studied geology at the University of Manitoba in the 1930s and fell in love with the North while canoeing its vast expanses on field trips for the Geological Survey of Canada. His early career took him to California as well as Egypt and South America.


But the call of the Canadian wild brought him back home, so Jack turned his magnetic personality and skills to the search for oil in the Canadian west in the late 1940s. He formed Dome Petroleum in 1950 and watched it grow to become Canada's largest independent oil company in the 1980s.


Smiling Jack's-as he was known to everyone-visionary leadership helped spur on exploration and development in the far North, especially the Beaufort Sea. Dome's pioneering achievements in northern drilling-on land and from drill ships-made Canada the leader in Arctic exploration and production. Decades later, Jack's dream of linking these resources to southern Canada and the United States are on the verge of completion as plans for the McKenzie Valley pipeline come closer to reality each year.


Dome also helped Alberta enter the petrochemical industry by removing liquids from natural gas and converting the ethane into basic materials used in the plastics industry.


More than any other contribution, Jack Gallagher's passion and exuberance helped create a vibrant Canadian oilpatch. His talents and contributions were recognized in 1983 when he was appointed an officer of the Order of Canada. Jack Gallagher will always be considered an outstanding Canadian.


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