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J.R. (Bud) McCaig


Over the course of almost six decades, Bud McCaig's vision and energy transformed a small Saskatchewan trucking company started by his father in the shadow of the Great Depression into one of Canada's greatest transportation success stories.


In the process, McCaig gained a reputation as a true innovator, pioneer and leader who played a unique and significant role in building Canada's petroleum industry.


McCaig began his career working with his father at Maccam Transport. Opportunity knocked for the McCaigs in 1947 when Imperial Oil's Leduc No. 1 well struck oil, igniting the Alberta oil boom, and creating an instant market for petroleum transport.


By 1949, Maccam Transport was the largest petroleum transporter in Saskatchewan, and with Alberta booming, Maccam quickly became one of the West's largest bulk haulers, braving the paved and unpaved highways of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba while transporting an annual average of over one million gallons of petroleum products per week.


The elder McCaig retired in 1962, with Bud and his two brothers forming a new holding company called TriMac. Bud took the helm of the operation, and they quickly built one of the most successful, innovative and progressive transportation companies in North America.


The company expanded from its transportation roots, growing into a major international company that not only hauled petroleum products, but also supplied various services to oilfields across the country and beyond. In addition, the company also invested in oilfield exploration, pipeline developments, and contract drilling. Over the years, a long-held business philosophy of diversification served the family well in sustaining the growing company through the booms and busts of the petroleum industry.


Many of today's leaders in the petroleum industry were influenced by McCaig's example.

McCaig also played a significant role in Calgary's health care community. One of his passions was research in the area of the treatment and prevention of arthritis, leading to the establishment of the McCaig Centre for Joint Injury and Arthritis Research in 1993.


McCaig also served as chairman of the board of the Foothills Hospital Foundation in the early 1990s, spearheading the Partners in Health initiative that raised $50 million for the hospital.


In the mid-1990s, he served as chairman of the Calgary Regional Health Authority. In 1999, he became a member of the Order of Canada. McCaig was also a passionate hockey fan and an owner of the Calgary Flames.


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