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Matt Newell


Matt Newell, born on June 29, 1904, in Richmond, Texas, was a pioneer, driller, producer, and pipeliner. He received his post secondary education in Business Administration at the University of Texas. Matt intended to enter the cotton business, but with the lure of money as a roughneck, he found himself working rigs in Venezuela. After two years in the jungle, he returned to Texas to find the stock crash of 1929 had not been kind to him.


He hired on with Hughes Tool and was transferred to Calgary in 1930. An ambitious young man, Matt met with success throughout his career. He and Shoetree Chandler formed Newell and Chandler Drilling in 1937 and were the first to offer turnkey drilling contracts in Canada.


They increased in size up to 10 rigs and ran until 1946.


Career Summary:

  • 1937 Established Newell and Chandler Drilling.
  • 1952-1963 President - Antelope Drilling Ltd.
  • 1963-1979 President - Spruce Oils
  • 1990 Friends of Matt Newell Foundation established in the Faculty of Medicine - University of Calgary.
  • 1991 Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellowship Award.
  • 1991 AADAC Distinguished Service Award.
  • 1992 AADAC Distinguished Service Award.


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