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Mike Hriskevich


Michael Hriskevich (born 1926) in Timmins, Ontario, has been celebrated by his professional peers as a star oil finder since he arrived in the industry in 1954 armed with a B.Sc. in mining engineering from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and a Ph.D. in geology from Princeton University.


Dr. Hriskevich is credited with starting some of Canada's richest exploration plays by astutely refining the accumulated knowledge of Devonian formations to unlock the Middle Devonian Reef at Rainbow Lake, Alberta. More than 700 wells in 150 Rainbow Keg River pools have yielded more than 685 million barrels of oil and 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas. An additional 1,500 wells have produced from the associated Muskeg, Sulphur Point, Slave Point and Bluesky formations.


While he is respected for rising to the top ranks of the Banff Oil Ltd., Aquitaine Company of Canada Ltd. and Canterra Petroleum Inc. organization during these discovery years, it is noteworthy that his accomplishments created countless jobs in exploration, production, processing, transportation and continuing benefit of Albertans and Canadians. Technical advances based on his work have since been adapted to the Upper Devonian Reef in the Rocky Mountain House area of southwest Alberta with similar far-reaching economic benefits.


In the 18 years since the sale of Canterra, Hriskevich has remained active as an independent petroleum industry consultant. While he has been involved in numerous industry organizations, his greatest commitment has been to the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists, which honored him in 1990 with a Stanley Slipper Award for his 20 plus years of service, the same year the American Association of Petroleum Geologists honored him with a distinguished service award. Hriskevich and his wife, Mary have two daughters and two sons. In his free time, he plays clarinet in the Calgary Concert Band.


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