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Ralph F. Will


Ralph Will was born in Akron, Colorado, on August 20, 1902. He put himself through Oklahoma University, and in 1929 he graduated with a bachelor of science in Geology. The better paying jobs were in the field, so Ralph began his long tenure in the drilling business.


He worked for Noble Drilling in Texas and Oklahoma, then joined Rocky Mountain Drilling in Denver. In 1935 as superintendent he travelled 2,650 miles (some 4,200 kilometres) every two weeks to visit each rig. Ralph had a reputation for strength and ingenuity; he used both to solve many a difficult situation in the field.


In 1937 he was hired as superintendent for the Anglo-Canadian Oil Company in Canada. He brought the first diesel rig to Canada. He exercised an option in 1947 to purchase the Anglo-Canadian rigs and formed Drilling Contractors Ltd., which later became Hi-Tower Drilling.


In 1950 he sold the very successful drilling company to his employees. Canadian Finance Minister C.D. House appointed Ralph to control all of Canada's tubular goods in 1950. Ralph would accept no pay thus becoming a dollar-a-year man. Premier E.C. Manning appointed him the first president of Alberta Gas Trunk Line (later named Nova Corporation). In 1955, Ralph served on no less than seventeen boards of directors. Ralph's greatest contribution was the help he gave others in the energy business. He passed away in 1995.


Career Summary:

  • 1902 Born in Akron, Colorado, August 20.
  • 1930 Started in the patch with Noble Drilling Co. in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • 1937 Became superintendent of Anglo-Canadian Oil in Canada.
  • 1938 Brought first diesel rig to Canada.
  • 1947 Formed Drilling Contractors Ltd.
  • 1950 Formed Hi-Tower Drilling Ltd.
  • 1951 Appointed first president of Alberta Gas Trunk Line.


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