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Richard Francis Haskayne


When it comes to the business of finding, producing and marketing oil and gas, Dick Haskayne has few peers. Born the son of the local butcher in the tiny town of Gleichen southeast of Calgary, Haskayne has risen to become one of most respected leaders in the Canadian oil and gas industry.


A chartered accountant by trade, Haskayne has spent his entire career working in the industry. He began working in the oil and gas industry as an external auditor, but his talents were quickly recognized by industry leaders.


His early career was spent with Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas, where he spent 20 years rising to the position of president. He also served as president and chief executive officer of Home Oil Company, Interprovincial Pipe Line Limited and Interhome Energy and has been a member of 18 company boards. His corporate service includes concurrently chairing the boards of three major companies: Nova, TransAlta Utilities and MacMillan Bloedell.


Haskayne has also been at the centre of many of the major moves made in Canada's oil patch in the last 30 years, including the Dome Petroleum take-over of Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas, the merger of Home Oil with Interprovincial Pipe Line, and more recently the mega-merger of Nova with TransCanada PipeLines Ltd.


While Haskayne's professional contributions to the industry have been great, his personal contributions to Calgary have been just as significant. While famous for the $16 million gift given by him and wife Lois to the University of Calgary for the Haskayne School of Business, Haskayne has played just as important a role working for the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, and dozens of other charities and community groups.


Haskayne has also played an important role in advancing ethical standards in business, corporate governance, and social responsibility in Canada's oil patch and beyond. In 2004, Haskayne was honoured with the Woodrow Wilson Award for corporate citizenship. That same year he was inducted into the Canadian Business Hall of Fame.


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