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Robert (Bob) G. Brawn

In an oil and gas career that has now spanned a half-century, Robert-Bob to most-has just about done it all, beginning in 1958 when he worked brief ly for Mobil Oil as a chemical engineer.


Two years later, Bob moved to International Drilling Fluids where he managed the research and development of new products.


Five years later, Bob began the entrepreneurial segment of his career by launching S&L Refineries Ltd., which was involved in gasoline marketing and oil recycling-an endeavour that established the basis for much of his later success.


In 1970, S&L was acquired by Turbo Resources, and Bob remained as president and chief executive officer with a goal to develop a western-based integrated oil and gas company. Over the next dozen years, Turbo Resources grew from $1 million in sales to more than $500 million in sales, and was active in virtually every sector of the oil and gas industry-from field services to exploration, refining, and marketing.


In 1982, Bob became president, chief executive officer, and chairman of Merland Exploration Ltd. and Bankeno Mines Ltd., which were active in the oil and gas and mineral exploration industries in Canada and the United States, with annual revenues of $80 million and 200 employees.


Five years later, Bob was on the move again, this time to OMV (Canada) Ltd. as president of the Canadian subsidiary of the Austrian National Oil Company and actively directing oil and gas exploration efforts in Canada.

In 1990, Bob formed Danoil Energy Ltd., which became Acclaim Energy Trust and Canetic Resources Trust through a merger with Starpoint Energy Trust in 2006. He emerged from that round of mergers as chairman emeritus of Canetic-producing 75,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and pulling in revenues of more than $1 billion per year-and was on hand when Canetic was acquired by Penn West Energy Trust earlier this year to create the largest conventional oil and gas trust in North America, with production of more than 200,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day and projected 2008 cash f low of $1.7 billion.


He now presides over 738831 Alberta Ltd., a private investment company, as president, but his inf luence in the Calgary community extends much further than the door to his office.

Alongside his wildly successful business ventures, Bob has remained a pillar of the Calgary community services, and over the last 20 years or so has co-chaired the Calgary Economic Development Authority, chaired the Calgary Winter Festival Foundation, sat on the advisory council to the University of Calgary, and served as a director of the Calgary Olympic Organizing Committee.


On the business side of the ledger, Bob is a past president of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and the Independent Petroleum Association of Canada and is currently a director and chairman of the Van Horne Institute, a member of the Alberta Economic Development Authority, and a director of ATB Financial.


Bob was recognized in 2001 by the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta with a Community Service Award, received the University of Calgary's Distinguished Business Leader Award in 1996, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce's Kay Pringle Memorial Award in 1995, and the Canadian Commemorative Award from the federal government in 1992.


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