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Robert A. Meneley


Robert A. Meneley was born in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan in 1933. Bob obtained his Bachelor and Masters degrees in Geological Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and joined Imperial Oil in 1958. Through his assignments Bob clearly demonstrated his outstanding abilities to quickly synthesize complex geology and to apply his practical instincts to lead others in the successful search for new hydrocarbon reserves. Bob quickly advanced with Imperial and in his last position in 1972 he was exploration superintendent for East Coast Canada. Although offshore exploration in Canada was in its infancy at that time Bob documented many of the opportunities that have since been successfully exploited.


Bob's love affair with frontier geology led him to become vice-president of exploration for Pan Arctic in 1973 where he continued exploration of the Sverdrup Basin, development of the Bent Horn oil discovery, and initiated seismic programs to outline the critical structural features in this basin to allow systematic exploration to proceed.


Following Pan Arctic, Bob joined Petro-Canada as exploration vice-president in 1976 which led to participation in additional gas and oil discoveries in the Sverdrup Basin, Sable Basin, Hibernia, Terra Nova, Hebron-Ben Nevis and Labrador. Those activities created massive capital spending, increased levels of employment and other industrial benefits including royalties to the provinces of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

After Petro-Canada, Bob became an independent consultant (Meneley Enterprises Ltd.) in 1984 and conduced several major international geologic assessment projects in China and South America, which also involved technology transfer.


In 1993 Bob joined a volunteer geoscience group, the Canadian Gas Potential Committee, as chief analyst. Bob recognized the need for rational, geological-based estimates of Canada's natural gas and applied his thorough understanding of Canadian basins to lead the development of play-based comprehensive reports in 1997 and 2001 for the Committee.


These public service contributions have added significantly to improving the awareness of Canada's gas resource base and the results have been used to economic studies by industry and governments. Bob resigned from the Committee in 2001 and continues his research on enhancing the methodology for providing rational estimates of Canada's gas resource and is always available to train geologists in basin and play assessment procedures on a volunteer basis.


Throughout his career Bob has generated many technical reports, published papers and has participated as a panel member and speaker for the CSPG, CGPC, USGS, PGC, CERI, NPC and other groups. He has earned several awards from professional groups. Through his inspiration and high standards he has influenced the careers of countless exploration geologists and geophysicists. Bob is an active member of APEGGA, CSPG, and AAPG.


Throughout his career Bob Meneley has made enduring contributions to the oil business in Canada that have benefited the country through oil and gas discoveries, systematic basin exploration, improved gas resource estimates, and as a role model for younger explorationists.


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