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Roy Widney


Roy J. Widney, born in Doylesburg, Pennsylvania, started working in the oil field at the age of nineteen and drilled for about three years before he came to Canada.


Roy's work in Alberta, started in the Turner Valley field, and he went from one well to another. He drilled for about five years, spanning three or four wells until the rigs shut down.


Then, after working in Vancouver, where he drilled the deepest hole in the British Empire (7500 feet deep, Langley, B.C. - 1924), he moved back to the Turner Valley and proceeded to drill another 12 wells into lime, and another several wells into the McDougall and Seger formation.


Roy owned and operated Widney Refineries in the Turner Valley between 1934 and 1939 and founded Widney Oils in 1929. He also founded Widney Oil & Drilling, and Widney Well Servicing in 1950.


Career Summary:

  • 1924 Drilled deepest well in Canada at Langley B.C.
  • 1929 Founded Widney Oils.
  • 1934 Founded Widney Refineries.
  • 1936 Drilled Turner Valley Royalties Discovery Well.
  • 1950 Founding president of Widney Oil and Drilling and Widney Well Servicing.


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