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Dr. Ted Best


Dr. Ted Best was born in Windsor, Ontario, April 15, 1927. He attended the University of western Ontario, where he earned his bachelor of science in Geology with honours. Later, he earned his doctorate in Geology from the University of Wisconsin. In 1955, he joined BP Canada and concluded his career as president and director of the Oil and Gas Division in 1985.


Although he is officially retired, Ted serves as either chairman or director to four energy companies. He is an associate at the Foster Group, an administrative officer to the Canadian Project Forum and a board member of the Alberta Environmental Appeal Board.


Ted previously served as chairman or director to six energy companies. During this same period he also chaired three key Government of Canada groups: the Advisory Council on Competition Matters, Consumer and Corporate Affairs, the Oil and Gas Committee, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources and Indian and Northern Affairs; and the Independent Industrial Advisory Committee on the Geological Survey of Canada, Department of Energy, Mines, and Resources.


He spent 16 years as a member of the Canadian Petroleum Association, now the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP). In 1983, he served as chairman of CPA's Board of Governors. He is a past president and honorary member of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. A canoeist, a skier, and a hunter, Ted has a passion for the outdoors, which explains in part, why he has been to both the North and South Poles. His life of commitment has many facets, this year he will celebrate 50 years of marriage with his wife, Betty. He has served our industry well.


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