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Wally Kuchar


Wally Kuchar was born in Villeneuve, Alberta, September 27, 1925. During the Second World War he served in Belgium, Holland, and Germany with the Cameron Highlanders.
In 1947 Wally began his oil industry career with the Regent Drilling Company, followed by fourteen years at Barber Machinery.


In 1963 his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start Tri-Service Machine, which in 1985 became Tri-Service Oilfield Manufacturing Ltd. The initials TSM are a recognized brand in the oil industry, a fact borne out by two benchmarks. In 1980 Tri-Service received API approval and ISO approval in 1996.s


Tri-Service is an industry leader, recognized worldwide for manufacturing and servicing all the major components associated with drilling rigs. Wally was one of the original founders of NQL Drilling Tools. His environmental company, Vortek Inc., dewaters organic waste for the pulp and paper industry.


Like so many other Hall of Fame members, Wally was dedicated to his community and his province. He is held in high regard by his employees and was a widely known and respected builder of the petroleum industry.


Career Summary:

  • 1943-1946 Served with Cameron Highlanders in Second World War.
  • 1947 Began work with Regent Drilling.
  • 1963 Formed Tri-Service Machine.
  • 1980 Received API approval for products.
  • 1985 Renamed machine company to Tri-Service Oilfield Manufacturing Ltd.
  • 1996 Received ISO 9001 approval for products.


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