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William (Bill) H. Brown


William (Bill) H. Brown, Sr. was born in Texas in 1923. Bill's character was forged during the Great Depression and his three years of service with the US Army during World War II. Bill fought in the Battle of the Bulge.


In 1946, Bill married Charlotte and was employed by Superior Oil Company. While working in California, their two sons were born and later after moving to Alberta, their daughter was born.


Bill began his oilfield career as a drilling rig roughneck. His work habits, enthusiasm, and aggressive attitude quickly earned him promotion to driller. As a young veteran, 25 years old with some two-years experience, he was a driller on the then deepest hole ever drilled in the world, total depth 18,734 feet, near Ventura, California.


Soon after, Bill was promoted to tool push. In 1951, he was given responsibility to move his rig to Alberta. This helped the Canadian Superior Oil Company gain significance in Alberta.


A few years later, Canadian Superior disposed of their drilling rig in Alberta. Bill was then promoted to the position of manager of Drilling and Production. He was responsible for contracted drilling rigs, service rigs, and all field operations.


Canadian Superior became a large operator of many wells throughout Alberta, namely: Joffre, Harmattan, Swan Hills, Rainbow, Zama, and also in B.C. As Superior Oil Company expanded beyond U.S.A., Bill supervised their drilling and production in other areas of the world from Canada.


Bill retired from Canadian Superior in 1978.


At this time, he registered one of his seven patents for Strip-O-Matic. He developed this automated pipe wiper tool, supervised manufacture, and its promotion through Strip-O-Matic Rentals and Sales Ltd., installing over 250 units worldwide.

Further development led to the Wipe-O-Matic Pipe Wiper, another patent and business expansion.


These tools have employed many people in manufacture, sales and service. Bill has registered five other patents:

  • Drill Stem Test Plugs
  • Chemical Injection Valve
  • Drill Pipe Washer and Chemical Applicator
  • Kelly Mud Diverter Sub
  • Clam-O-Matic Automatic String Wiper

Clam-O-Matic was registered in Canada, the U.S.A. and the United Kingdom in 2000. In 2004, his 81st year, the Clam-O-Matic was registered in Norway. While in its infancy, it could develop into a great success story in offshore and deep hole drilling.


Bill's inventions reduce the environmental impact of the petroleum industry and increase safety for all those involved.


Bill is proud of a technical article that he wrote and was published in Oilweek Magazine in 1970, that brought significant focus to the training and education needed within the Canadian industry.


He was elected president of the Edmonton Petroleum Club in 1977-78. He was awarded an Honorary Lifetime Membership by CAODC in 1997. He is very proud of his acquired Canadian Citizenship, July 1978.


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