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William Stewart McGregor


Although born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, March 1, 1916, William McGregor grew up on a ranch near Turner Valley, Alberta and attended schools in Turner Valley.


In 1936 William organized McGregor Johanson Construction Ltd., a private road building firm. Built roads in southern Alberta, stripped coal in Lethbridge areas and built and upgraded highways between Jasper and Banff between 1946 and 1947. Then in 1947 oil was discovered in Leduc. This presented a real opportunity.


With Bill's oilfield experience and expertise he decided it was required in the Edmonton area so he sold the farm and moved to Edmonton. MJ built roads in northern Alberta and British Columbia, skidded drilling rigs from one location to another in the oilfields, and also built pads offshore for drilling rigs in the Mackenzie River Delta. This construction company grew to one of the largest oilfield construction companies in northern Alberta and was sold in 1988.


Then Bill McGregor with a few friends bought a half section of mineral rights from a farmer south of the main Leduc field and drilled a successful oil well in 1952. This was the discovery of the Mic Mac D2 pool. Seven additional producers were completed in the area on a partnership basis as Mic Mac Oils Ltd., which in 1954 became Consolidated Mic Mac Oils Ltd. (with Bill McGregor as president and managing director).


This company expanded into northern Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. They farmed out 100,000 acres to Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas and Union Oil where Mic Mac and three other independents kept 1/3 interest and on which land Hudson's Bay discovered the rich Sturgeon Valley Devonian oilfield.


In 1963 Consolidated Mic Mac Oils Ltd. was bought out by Hudson's Bay and within a few weeks incorporated Numac Oil & Gas Ltd., a public company listed on the Toronto, Montreal and American Stock Exchange, which became a successful independent. In September 1993, Numac was merged with Westcoast Petroleum under the name "Numac Energy Inc." and head office was moved to Calgary. Mr. McGregor was president and CEO from 1963 to December 1992; chairman of the board of directors, January 1 to August 31, 1993.


Mr. McGregor is now retired but remains as honorary chairman and a director of Numac Energy Inc., but not otherwise active in the operations. His son, Stewart McGregor presently is chairman and CEO of the company.


Mr. McGregor is president of his holding company "W.S. McGregor Investments Ltd.".


Career Summary:

  • 1946 Founder of McGregor Johanson Construction Ltd.
  • 1952 First successful oil well - Mic Mac D2 Pool.
  • 1954 Established Consolidated Mic Mac Oils Ltd. - president and managing director.
  • 1963-1992 Numac Oil and Gas Ltd. - president and CEO.
  • 1997 President - W.S. McGregor Investments Ltd.


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